Affordable Testing

For 10 Different Contaminants Found Indoors

The Problem

The Need

How It Works

The Problem

The Need

How It Works

Benefits of AirMD Wellness Testing


All indoor environmental contaminants of concern indoors are tested

Safer Living Environment

Testing allows an understanding of conditions in your home that can impact health, productivity and work/school absenteeism


No other company sends a consultant to test your entire home for all major contaminants for a price other companies charge for one test. AirMD conducts 10 different tests for $295*


Samples collected are analyzed by qualified analysts and the results are accurate and reliable. The site visit, data interpretation and report generation are completed by qualified environmental consultants


Other companies do not offer comprehensive testing and only offer limited information. AirMD’s wellness testing is extensive as it includes 10 different tests


Reports are issued within 3 business days and the report explains how your home compares to recommended governmental and industry standards. If issues are detected in your home, recommendations are provided

* $295 is price for homes up to 2,500 sq ft. Homes of larger sizes are comparable value with a slightly higher cost

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